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Getting Started with Lesson Study

As part of our CPD programme this year, we’ve joined the newly formed National Teacher Enquiry Network.  It offers a superb framework to help us deliver the best CPD programme we can.  A central feature of NTEN is the support offered for the development of Lesson Study.  I’ve been reading about this for a while … Continue reading

ResearchEd 2013: What a day!

What a day! One of the best things about the ResearchED conference at Dulwich College was that it happened. It embodied the concept of a practitioner-led system perfectly.  This is what ‘bottom-up’ looks like. It was a great thrill to participate in an event that brought so many education professionals together in the spirit of … Continue reading

Educational Lab Rats: The Search for Evidence

The recent wave of blogs and twitter exchanges that have focused on the evidence-base that underpins educational policy and practice has been fascinating. I am one of many eagerly anticipating the ResearchED  Conference organised by Tom Bennett at Dulwich College in September. This has been catalysed in part by the exuberant Ben Goldacre, author of … Continue reading

CamSTAR: Research as CPD: CPD as Research

One of the key things that first attracted me to KEGS was the concept of the ‘research-engaged learning community’.  Although it has been articulated and organised in different ways over the years, we have always held the view that teachers should be both engaged with research and engaged in research as part of the CPD … Continue reading


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