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A week in the life of a Headteacher

This has been a typical busy week at KEGS.  Looking across the diary for the week it struck me that it captures some of the essence of being the Headteacher of this school.   I had a good response to my previous diary post so I thought I’d share this week’s diary too.  The back-to-back schedule is certainly busier than most weeks; adding in … Continue reading

Keeping up with OfSTED’s Goalposts. What SLTs should do.

My post on Thursday, Meeting OfSTED: The Game has Changed has blasted all my previous blog stats out of the water, heading for 50,000 views in three days. (Update: Now 80,000)  It’s been an astonishing few days of questions and queries about the real meaning of what is going on.  Mike Cladingbowl has published a … Continue reading

Towards a New Vision: for my school; for all schools.

Last week I was involved in three different events that were focused on trying to shape a new vision for education. A staff vision-building exercise at KEGS, looking ahead to 2020 The Headteachers’ Roundtable Conference in York, where we constructed our Manifesto framework. The National Teacher Enquiry Network Conference that we hosted at KEGS. A … Continue reading

Evaluating and Improving our Practice: A Paradigm Shift

In the last week, a series of events and meetings at my school signalled collectively that we’ve turned a corner with our view of some key processes. How we evaluate and improve the quality of teaching overall. The role of lesson observations The way we regard our action research activities as a feature of self-evaluation and … Continue reading

Taking Stock of the Education Agenda Part 1

Intro This has been a rather remarkable year in education and in my professional life.  Amid the permanent white water of policy change, I’ve been fortunate to have numerous opportunities to engage with teachers, school leaders, academics and policy-makers.  The world of twitter and blogging continues to provide a wonderfully rich seam of challenging material.  … Continue reading

The Great School Leadership Series: A Tool for Reflection

This collection of posts gathers my thoughts about effective leadership.  It’s a companion to the Great Lessons series from earlier this year. (Click each image to link to the post..) 1. Ethos 2. Vision 3. Strategy 4. People 5. Communication Using the Five Themes as a Basis for a 360 Review In writing this series, … Continue reading

Great School Leadership 5: Communication

Choose your cliché: It oils the wheels. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It’s the institutional life-blood. Without effective communication things go badly wrong. The school ethos is incoherent, the vision is a fragmented collection of ideas that no-one has confidence in, improvement strategies fall at an early hurdle in confusion. People feel frustrated … Continue reading

Great School Leadership 4: People

In any school leadership role, there is a good case for saying that success is ultimately all about the people.  The  ethos, vision and strategy don’t exist in isolation; they exist in reference to the dynamics of the people who make up the organisation. There are lots of dimensions to this all-important people factor:  Individual … Continue reading

Great School Leadership 3: Strategy

Once you’ve set out a vision for how you want your school or department to develop, you need to work out a way to get there.  Vision and strategy are obviously inter-connected; sometimes people are inhibited from thinking too far ahead or from being too ambitious because they can’t see how the change process could … Continue reading

Great School Leadership 2: Vision

Following from the previous post on Ethos, this is about another essential component of great leadership: Vision. There has been a sea-change in educational thinking and supporting literature over the last decade or so that has changed our language about running schools. It is now very firmly embedded that, instead of ‘management’, we talk about … Continue reading


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