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Teach to the Top

I’m working on a new post on this issue.  But first, here is a round-up of previous posts on a recurring theme in my blog: that teaching to the top is the best way to ensure that every student in any class is fully stretched and challenged.  This approach, to my mind, is not a … Continue reading

Defining the Butterfly: Knowing the Standards to Set the Standards

In preparing to deliver some CPD inputs recently, at my own school and another in Essex, I’ve been thinking about the problem of providing the appropriate level of challenge for all learners in the work we set and in the work we accept.  This has led me to consider how we know what an appropriate … Continue reading

Video: Ideas about stretch and challenge

Another Kitchen Production… one take, thrown together, but here it is: and, yes, I’m talking quietly because everyone else is asleep. Already I’ve been cautioned about the fixed mindset language of ‘able’ and ‘gifted and talented’ .  I fully recognise that issue…but I’m also quite relaxed about using well understood terms to describe groups of … Continue reading

Extended Learning Opportunities: Update

Last Autumn, we launched two new initiatives at KEGS to stimulate extended learning.  We recently concluded the first run through of both initiatives with some lovely outcomes. The KEGS Foundation Prize This was designed to become a regular high profile, prestigious prize for students’ endeavours beyond the curriculum.  We launched this with four categories as … Continue reading

The Anatomy of High Expectations

A lot has been written in the last week about the experience of able learners in state schools.  The OfSTED report published last week was widely reported in terms of failure, despite using a small evidence base of 41 schools and subsequent articles and posts have focused on the issues in different ways: David Didau, … Continue reading

Great Lessons 3: Challenge

Number 3 in the Great Lessons series: Great Lessons 1: Probing   Great Lessons 2: Rigour These posts focus on the habits of great teaching; not one-off strategies but the things we do every day. 3. Challenge: Subtitle 1:  The thrill of the chase. Subtitle 2:  No struggle; no learning Subtitle 3:  Beware the Buzz that … Continue reading

Great Lessons 2: Rigour

This series of posts is about the habits of teaching; the things we do every day; the strategies and attitudes that define our default mode. These are the characteristics of lessons that feel outstanding as soon as you walk in… no tricks, no gizmos, just embedded routine practice. The first was about Probing Questions.  This … Continue reading

Flipped out by flipping? You may have missed the point.

Last week, my Y13s were about to go into a week of exams, so we were going to miss some lessons.  Time is precious, so we looked ahead to the material to come (Newton’s law of gravitation and circular motion) and I suggested the students used Khan Academy videos and the text book to get … Continue reading

KEGS House Music: The KEGS Spirit in Action

There is a lot that goes on at my school that I absolutely love.  But, without doubt, House Music is the highlight.  In fact, it is my favourite school event anywhere, ever.  The centre-piece of the annual House Competition, House Music not only provides a superb afternoon of entertainment, it also encapsulates so much of … Continue reading

Extended Learning Opportunities

In the last two weeks we have launched two new initiatives at my school to provide students with incentives and opportunities to engage in extended independent learning.   The first was the KEGS Global Blog Challenge. This offers a token £100 prize for the blog with the greatest global reach by June next year.  In the … Continue reading


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