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Authentic Assessment and Progress. Keeping it Real.

This post is based on the ideas that I outlined during my workshop at #TLT14 in Southampton.  It forms part of the process of rethinking assessment at KS3 now that levels have gone.  This is a live discussion at my school and is very much a work in progress. A good starting point is to … Continue reading

The Assessment Uncertainty Principle

In our system so much hangs on the value given to our assessments leading to qualifications.  As we seek to measure learning with some degree of accuracy, we risk losing contact with the meaning of what the nature of the learning is.  Our increasing need for measures that are reproducible, consistent and transparent decreases our … Continue reading

Pedagogy Postcard #12: Blending content with assessment

A series of short posts about specific elements of teaching practice that I think are effective and make life interesting. Some are based on my own lessons and others are borrowed from lessons I’ve observed.   The idea of teaching to the test is often referred to as a being a limiting, narrowing aspect of … Continue reading

Defining the Butterfly: Knowing the Standards to Set the Standards

In preparing to deliver some CPD inputs recently, at my own school and another in Essex, I’ve been thinking about the problem of providing the appropriate level of challenge for all learners in the work we set and in the work we accept.  This has led me to consider how we know what an appropriate … Continue reading

Assessment, Standards and the Bell Curve

After announcements about new proposals for KS2 assessment, the issues around relative and absolute standards are getting a working over.  Director of The Institute of Education, Chris Husbands, has written a thoughtful blog on some of the issues.  I’ve had personal reasons to engage recently as the parent of a Year 6 student who has … Continue reading

Getting the scale right: attitudes before systems.

After millennia of battle the surviving G’Gugvuntt and Vl’hurg realised what had actually happened, and joined forces to attack the Milky Way in retaliation. They crossed vast reaches of space in a journey lasting thousands of years before reaching their target where they attacked the first planet they encountered, Earth. Due to a terrible miscalculation … Continue reading


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