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Nicky Morgan vs The Bell Curve.

Dear Nicky… I’ve just read this: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hundreds-of-coasting-schools-to-be-transformed In there it says this: Schools eligible for intervention will be those which fall below a new ‘coasting’ level for 3 years.  In 2014 and 2015 that level will be set at 60% of pupils achieving 5 good GCSEs or an above-average proportion of pupils making acceptable progress. I am … Continue reading

The Future of Teaching @EdnFoundation #PolicyFutures Keynote

This is the prepared text of a talk I gave at an Education Foundation Policy Futures event, alongside Angela McFarlane from the College of Teachers, Peter Kent from ASCL and Summer Turner.  With thanks to Ty Goddard and Ian Fordham for inviting me.  (It didn’t come out exactly like this…but close enough!) The Future of … Continue reading

Teach Now! Science. The Joy of Teaching Science. A Taster.

It’s a while since my book was published…and I don’t promote it that much. There is one particular review on Amazon that is terrible – so bad it’s funny.  But it is also wrong and unreasonable, written by someone who is untraceable: no right to reply.  The truth is that despite other good comments my … Continue reading

Our Primary Transition Forum: Bridging the KS2-KS3 Divide

In the last few weeks we’ve held two excellent meetings as part of what we call our Primary Transition Forum: one for English; one for Maths.  They’ve both been incredibly interesting, useful and eye-opening.  There is so much to learn; so much we don’t know about what goes on on the other side of the … Continue reading

Festival of Education 2015: Ideas, people, emotions. #PassOut.

I had a great day at Wellington.  It’s been a super-tough week at work and this event has become my annual headspace day.  Thanks so much to David James for organising it for inviting me – again. It’s a magnificent festival. With Tinie Tempah in the house this year I was pleased to have two … Continue reading

The National Baccalaureate Convention June 25th

Next week we are hosting an event that will see the launch of the National Baccalaureate Trust.  The National Baccalaureate for England is on its way.   We’ve come a long way.  The early steps are recorded in this post. This is the agenda: Here is the paper from Profs Ken Spours and Ann Hodgson. … Continue reading

Ebacc for All. Shackles on or off?

This week, School’s Minister, Nick Gibb, gave this speech setting out the social justice case for an academic curriculum – aka making the Ebacc a compulsory entitlement for all students.  When this kicks in it will have a significant effect for a lot of schools where the study of a language and/or either History or Geography are … Continue reading

headguruteacher.com is three

Three years ago, I started blogging and tweeting.   This is my annual stock-take. A major milestone in the year was passing the 1,000,000 million mark for blog views. The three-year tally is 1,293,000 – a total of about 610,000 for the year which puts my book sales (500) into perspective!  I’ve also gained almost exactly 10,000 new … Continue reading

Dear Nicky…. An Open Letter

Dear Nicky Congratulations on your re-appointment as Secretary of State for Education.  Education Policy had rather a low profile in the General Election, but I’m sure  you’ll be returning to the DFE with renewed determination to put Education at the centre of the agenda for the new Government.  To some extent, you and your predecessor … Continue reading

For the record.

Gosh – what a weekend. First the TES and then the Daily Mail. For the record, behaviour has been an important area for me since joining Highbury Grove but, by no means the only one. We’re also working on our curriculum and pedagogy, building a strong trust culture across the staff, exploring research-engagement, changing our professional … Continue reading


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