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Walking the tightrope.

It’s been a strange and difficult few days.  I woke up last Tuesday night at 2am with the worst headache of all time; piercing intense pain.  I had to run downstairs for the pain killers.  This was stress, pure and simple; subconscious anxiety in anticipation of GCSE results download day.   I’ve only been there … Continue reading

A Levels Matter. Amongst other things.

There have been some great blogs about A level results: Here’s John Tomsett: This much I know about A level results day – the liberating power of doing well – having choices, moving away from home etc. Geoff Barton: Worrying about results won’t help – great advice to students who don’t get what they hoped for; you … Continue reading

Finding your voice in the on-line edusphere.

I recently re-read one of my very first blog posts from 2012 when I was starting to get excited about the potential of twitter and blogging: The quiet CPD revolution…getting louder!    Even then I thought that it might all be a flash-in-the-pan thing that could soon fall away – but it hasn’t at all.  In fact, … Continue reading

Leading and Learning. Reflections on my first year at Highbury Grove

This is my 300th blog post on headguruteacher.com.  It seems like a good moment to reflect on my first year as Head of Highbury Grove.  Without doubt, this year has been the most challenging and rewarding in my professional career.  I’ve never worked so hard in my life – I’ve been dragging myself through the … Continue reading


Hard Work. The X Factor.

Throughout this year I’ve been struck repeatedly by the thought that, within the school,  my students have all that they need at their disposal to achieve enormous success.  They have well-motivated teachers with good subject knowledge,  an inclusive and aspirational ethos, superb facilities, a strong pastoral system and a broad and rich curriculum that offers … Continue reading

My Future of Assessment Contribution for AQA

I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity to contribute to The Future of Assessment, a collection of essays for AQA – with huge thanks to Dale Bassett for inviting me to join the group.  It was fascinating to meet the other contributors. My essay, A National Baccalaureate for England,  can be read in … Continue reading

Nicky Morgan vs The Bell Curve.

Dear Nicky… I’ve just read this: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hundreds-of-coasting-schools-to-be-transformed In there it says this: Schools eligible for intervention will be those which fall below a new ‘coasting’ level for 3 years.  In 2014 and 2015 that level will be set at 60% of pupils achieving 5 good GCSEs or an above-average proportion of pupils making acceptable progress. I am … Continue reading

The Future of Teaching @EdnFoundation #PolicyFutures Keynote

This is the prepared text of a talk I gave at an Education Foundation Policy Futures event, alongside Angela McFarlane from the College of Teachers, Peter Kent from ASCL and Summer Turner.  With thanks to Ty Goddard and Ian Fordham for inviting me.  (It didn’t come out exactly like this…but close enough!) The Future of … Continue reading

Teach Now! Science. The Joy of Teaching Science. A Taster.

It’s a while since my book was published…and I don’t promote it that much. There is one particular review on Amazon that is terrible – so bad it’s funny.  But it is also wrong and unreasonable, written by someone who is untraceable: no right to reply.  The truth is that despite other good comments my … Continue reading


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