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Our Meeting with Tristram Hunt July 2014

Originally posted on Headteachers' Roundtable:
Members of Heads’ Roundtable with the full Labour Education team and Chris Husbands from the IoE. On July 15th, five members of the Headteachers’ Roundtable met Tristram Hunt at the House of Commons to discuss our Education Manifesto. Our original meeting had had to be re-scheduled when it clashed with…

Unleashing Greatness? Education Reform in Action

” You can mandate adequacy … greatness has to be unleashed”  Joel Klein – via Sir Michael Barber Ever since I attended the London Festival of Education at the IoE in November 2012, I’ve had a sense that education reform was there for the taking – it’s just a case of people getting organised and … Continue reading

Lessons from KEGS: Ideas I’m taking with me.

  As I gear up to leaving KEGS at the end of term, I’ve been thinking about ideas I’ll be taking with me when I move to Highbury Grove. Many of these things are aspects of the school that struck me when I arrived; it was during that time that I developed the ‘plantation to … Continue reading

Barriers to Effective CPD

This is a slide from  the presentation I gave at the SWAT Conference in Poole – the full slides are embedded in this post.  However, without a commentary, the presentation is not entirely self-explanatory so someone asked me to flesh this bit out.  My talk was about setting up an effective CPD culture.  In one … Continue reading

Celebrating Exceptional Work: KEGS Gifted and Talented Exhibition

Every year we compile an exhibition of exceptional student work as a means of showcasing the range of opportunities that KEGS students have to express their ideas and knowledge. We call it the Gifted and Talented Exhibition although, in practice, we don’t really use this terminology for very much else. Some subjects, such as Art, … Continue reading

Making CPD Count: Notes from Mastering the Dragon

Recording an Education from The Good Old Days

At KEGS we have three filing cabinets containing the school record cards of all the students who attended from the mid 1930s through to the early 1980s.  I’ve used them to comic effect at Old Boys’ dinners, reading out the records of some of the ex-KEGS students, now in their 60s and 70s, who attended … Continue reading

Comp: A Survivor’s Tale – a slice of life at Holland Park in the 90s.

I’ve just re-discovered this book on Amazon. I lost my copy years ago. In pre-twitter pre-blog era, John-Paul Flintoff, a former student at Holland Park, decided to write about his experiences. He has written some background here: http://www.flintoff.org/comp-a-survivors-tale He got a bit of flack for it – it’s not exactly a documentary. It’s based around … Continue reading

Signals and Noises in the EduSphere

In the last few weeks, I’ve encountered a fascinating range of modes of engagement with fellow professionals.  I’ve been struck by the extent to which the mode of communication we employ affects the quality of discussion and the depth of understanding we achieve. In a high quality  exchange we learn what other people’s perspectives are but … Continue reading

Dear Harry: Seven Myths discussion continued.

This post is part of a discussion with Harry Webb, following his post linked via the image above. Sometimes blog comments aren’t enough! Dear Harry Thanks for your blog post where you’ve challenged me on my perspective on Daisy Christodoulou’s Seven Myths. It seems to me that there are several elements to the debate, mainly … Continue reading


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