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My First Term of Building at Highbury Grove.

  It’s been a while since I had the energy and clarity of thought needed to write a blog post.  This job is all-consuming in a way I’ve never quite experienced before and, as the term has progressed, I haven’t had the capacity for anything more.  Yesterday, after the final assemblies, the ritual staff gathering … Continue reading

Nevermind the Buzzcocks: Here’s Phil Diggle. Artist. Teacher. Legend

One of the joys of joining Highbury Grove has been getting to know the staff.  A particularly inspirational, one-of-a-kind teacher that students and parents rave about is Phil Diggle, our Head of Art.  I’ve never known an art teacher like him.  He’s a genuine artist, living his craft every day, sharing his passion, his philosophy … Continue reading

1,000,000 Views. Thanks A Million!

  Forgive this rather self-indulgent celebration.  I’m absolutely astonished that my blog has reached the million milestone and it can’t go without a bit of a stock-take. Here are the monthly stats since I started:   Back in May 2012, I made my first tentative steps into blogging.  My ‘Hello World’ post included the following … Continue reading

Lesson Observations Unchained. A New Dawn.

This is a short reflection on the massive difference it makes when you stop grading lessons.  I’ve embarked on the process of observing all of my teachers in my new school. Wow – what a privilege that is.  So far I’ve seen 20 lessons – I saw 9 English lessons last week.  I’ve got some … Continue reading

RSA Essays: Licensed to Create? Incentives for improving teacher quality.

Today, the RSA has published a collection of 10 essays on the theme of improving teacher quality and the concept of licensing.  This has been, in part, stimulated by Tristram Hunt’s policy proposals.   I was delighted to have been invited to contribute an essay and I have included mine in full below.  Interestingly, the … Continue reading

Bus Lane Assembly: We all gain from enforcing the rules.

The material in this post is the basis of an assembly I’ve given before about the need for enforcing rules. I’m about to use this particular preach again as we continue to push forward on our drive for impeccable behaviour. It’s been an intense few weeks as students learn where the boundaries lie, with literally … Continue reading

Sutton-Gates Summit Part 2: My Washington take-aways

The Sutton Gates summit has been excellent. After three days in Washington I’ve got a wealth of material and I’ve had the luxury of some flying time to think about the key ideas I’m taking home. An overarching take-away is the sense that engaging in professional dialogue with people from around the world is a massive … Continue reading

Sutton-Gates Teacher Development Summit. Part 1

Right now, I’m in Washington DC to take part in a two-day event sponsored (all expenses paid) by the Gates Foundation and the Sutton Trust. I’m one of 24 British Heads taking part, alongside my Heads Roundtable partner-in-crime John Tomsett, the legendary Alison Peacock and Sir Alasdair Macdonald, former Head of Morpeth in Tower Hamlets. … Continue reading

10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice

Silver Arrows? It’s very hard to change your practice.  We’re all so busy, very often it is difficult to create space to fully explore a set of ideas and to deliberately adapt our teaching routines to absorb something new.  At the same time, we’re often bombarded with initiatives and issues to address.  It can be … Continue reading

Authentic Assessment and Progress. Keeping it Real.

This post is based on the ideas that I outlined during my workshop at #TLT14 in Southampton.  It forms part of the process of rethinking assessment at KS3 now that levels have gone.  This is a live discussion at my school and is very much a work in progress. A good starting point is to … Continue reading


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