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Evolution Assembly Hoopla. Beyond Belief!

It’s been quite a week on this blog and on my twitter feed.  Last weekend I wrote-up my assembly about evolution and the reaction from some students. Usually assembly blogs don’t get much attention but I record them anyway in the spirit of sharing ideas.  As far as I’m concerned, given that evolution is a core … Continue reading

My Dad and the last #EdTech Revolution.

Today is my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 76.  As one of many follow-ons to my blog about his death in 1977, earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Pat, my dad’s PA at the British Council in the mid 70s. She contacted me after finding my blog and it was lovely … Continue reading

My Ebacc Consultation Response

1   What factors do you consider should be taken into account in making decisions about which pupils should not be entered for the EBacc? Answer:1. The balance of curriculum breadth versus their mastery of English and Maths is a key factor. Arguably, students who in the school’s judgement need more time to reach Grade 4 … Continue reading

My Evolution Assembly. And the Young Creationists.

“Charles Darwin had a big idea; arguably, the most powerful idea ever.” Richard Dawkins That’s the quote I used to start my assemblies this week.  To me, it’s the most important and extraordinary story children should know and understand.  The story of evolution, of how we came into existence as Homo sapiens roaming the Earth … Continue reading

On going into care. And being brave.

Recently, we had one of those days.  In the middle of a regular busy day, I had to spend some time in a small meeting room with Maxine, one of our Heads of Year, having a good cry.  We’d just seen the taxi leave with Stephen and two social workers; they were heading for Luton where … Continue reading

Our Rhetoric Roadmap

Yesterday we published this document, sending it out to parents. Since working with Martin Robinson on our Trivium-fueled curriculum, Rhetoric has been high on the agenda.  We appointed a Director of Spoken Literacy – Andrew Fitch, our 2 i/c in English – and he has produced some superb guidance for structured speech events in the … Continue reading

Principles of Effective Teaching

Teachers are always being offered lists of principles, axioms, tenets, precepts – the magic beans of teaching.  We’re desperate to make sense of it all – to make something very complicated, simple and easy to grasp.  Whether it’s  the #5minplan series from @TeacherToolkit or something like my own Lesson Observation Checklist, there’s a demand for handy … Continue reading

My 2015 Blogging Scrapbook.

January I started the year having received a detailed response from Ofsted’s Sean Harford to this Just gimme some truth rant.  It was a real surprise that he’d responded within 24 hours during the holidays.  His response found its way into the TES, SchoolsWeek and BBC news – as Sean admitted that OfSTED isn’t as reliable … Continue reading

The people who’ve influenced me in 2015

In my day-to-day working life, there are several key people who I look to for solutions, for inspiration and for wisdom.  I’m lucky that my immediate team now comprises people who I respect enormously; people who will tell me what they think and offer alternatives; people whose perspectives matter to me a great deal.  There … Continue reading

Exciting Leadership Opportunities at Highbury Grove

This post is a trailer for some very exciting posts at Highbury Grove that will be advertised in January.  Readers of this blog will know that we are on a mission.  This is a fabulous place to work and I’m looking for some great people to join us on our journey. We’ll be looking for … Continue reading


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